Galaxy Tennis - v0.1

Galaxy Tennis

Version 0.1
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  • 80mb
  • Retro

Embark on a cosmic journey like never before in "Galaxy Tennis" – a thrilling twist on the classic Pong game! In this interstellar adventure, you'll find yourself immersed in a universe where UFOs serve as paddles, asteroids act as formidable walls, and planets become the bouncing balls that defy gravity.

Interstellar Gameplay: Experience the classic Pong gameplay with a celestial twist, where UFOs replace paddles, asteroids become walls, and planets serve as the bouncing balls.

Stellar Visuals: Immerse yourself in a visually stunning universe with vibrant colors, mesmerizing space backdrops, and captivating UFOs and planets that bring the tennis courts to life.

Multiplayer Excitement: Challenge friends in local multiplayer mode or team up for cooperative play. Galaxy Tennis Adventure is not just a game – it's a space-faring, racket-swinging cosmic experience.

Cosmic Serenity: Deep space with a tranquil backdrop of white stars, providing a serene and calm environment.

Emerald Nebula: A green galaxy filled with swirling dust and mysterious green planets, creating an otherworldly and enchanting atmosphere.

Aurora Haven: A mesmerizing mix of blue and yellow hues, with planets aglow in vibrant colors, evoking the beauty of celestial auroras.

Inferno Forge: A red-hued galaxy with molten planets and intense heat, resembling a fiery forge where celestial bodies are forged in the cosmic flames.